Endoh mochi-ten Endoh mochi-ten

Seasonal Specialties

Ichigo Daifuku

¥230 JPY / a piece (tax included) Seasonal only from December to April.

Kuri Okowa

Kiwami Zunda-mochi

Luxurious flavor of 100% natural Hiden-Beans


It is named "Hiden-mame (Secret rice field beans)" because of the dignity of the beans compare to other beans like larger bean size, sweetness, rich aroma and taste. The "Hiden-mame" raised in Miyagi Prefecture are harvested in the best season of the year and we freeze them rapidly. After that a craftsman steam frozen beans in a steamer to make a textured bean paste. We use sugar and salt but these are additive-free food because since the taste has been transmitted since the company was founded, no additives are used. The rice cake is made from the highest grade of glutinous rice is named "Miyakogane" which is produced in Miyagi prefecture. Kiwami Zundaha-Mochi is characterized by its suppleness, tenacity, deliciousness, and the secret natural sweetness of the beans.

An (Zunda, Tshubu, Koshi)

Homemade bean paste using seasonal edamame (green soybeans) picked in the morning.

An (Zunda, Tshubu, Koshi)

The delicious Edamame (green soybeans) picked in the morning by a contract farmer in Miyagi prefecture are boiled immediately after harvest and quick frozen. After that, the craftsmen adjust the steaming time according to the season and the temperature of the day, and steam it with a steamer. From the importance of texture to the timing of adding sugar and salt, we have continued our original efforts since our founding. Just a small amount of salt in the paste brings out the original flavor and sweetness of the beans.

Tanjo iwai mochi / Issho mochi

Issho Mochi (rice cakes) for healthy growth
Stacked red and white rice cakes means joyful of the heart


This is a rice cake that celebrates a child's first birthday. We say lifetime is "Issho" in Japanese, so we make this rice cake for "In order to never have a shortage of food for the lifetime (Issho)", "May you be as happy as a round rice cake for the lifetime (Issho)". In Sendai, there is a custom of putting a red and white rice cake on a baby's back and letting it fall over. You'll smile at the sight of your baby getting back up when you fall over. Two layers of red and white rice cakes, made from the highest quality glutinous rice "Miyakogane" produced in Miyagi Prefecture with a pestle method, are suitable for the celebrations. Please make a reservation at least one week in advance if you wish to have your items shipped. (Shipping only in Japan)

Kiri-mochi (Cut rice cake) set various

A choice of three types of bean jam: tsubu, koshi and zunda
combination of bean jam and rice cake


The rice cake is made from the highest quality glutinous rice "Miyakogane" produced in Miyagi Prefecture, steamed in a steamer, and then pounded twice using a pestle and mortar. Along with 1kg of kirimochi, you can choose from three types of bean paste: "tsubu-an" and "koshi-an", which are made from flavourful red beans from Hokkaido, and "zunda-an", which is made from edamame from Miyagi Prefecture.


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  • It was published in the food-themed "From the source Japan" in the world's largest travel guide book, Lonely Planet.
  • And Premium (Magazine House) “A Guide to Really Good Confectionery Shops” 
  • Published in the article of Weekly Gendai "Kenjouhin (Giveaway)". 
  • Published in "Kaihoku Shimpo Evening", "Sendai Iyako Walking" 
  • Published in the JR East “View Plaza” pamphlet “Sendai Ripp”. 
  • Published in Information magazine "Riraku".