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Handmade Japanese Sweets
which give you relaxing moments
made of three local specialties
from Miyagi

Endo-Mochiten, a rice cake shop near Sendai Toshogu Shrine which was founded in 1948, has created a new sweet at the beginning of the new era, Reiwa. Sendai Mochi-kintoki is loved by every generation. It is new as well as rustic, and elegant.

three local specialties
from Miyagi

Sendai Kintoki
Sendai Kintoki
Sweet potatoes which taste fluffy and flaky like chestnuts and have extra sweetness. Grown in fertile land and high in dietary fiber, they surely contribute to your health and beauty!
Date Masayume
Date Masayume
Rice with perfect stickiness, which produces a soft and chewy texture.
Date no Umajio Salt
Date no Umajio Salt
Received the Special Prize in Miyagi Manufacturing Award. Its mellow umami taste brings out subtle flavors of other ingredients.

Behind the Scenes :
Product Development

The staff members, including the third-generation master of Endo-Mochiten, are all women in a variety of age groups from 20s to 60s. They have a sweet tooth and a sophisticated palate.

Carefully Handmade

Made one by one with hands from high quality materials. We make the most of the original flavor of ingredients.

We steam rice with a seiro, which is a traditional way of making good mochi.
We buy Sendai Kintoki nurtured by local farmers directly from them.
Paste of white beans, sweet potatoes and fine butter, whose ratio is art by the mastery.
We finish each one quickly and carefully.

We also have
gift-wrapped packages.

Package of 6

This product is a gift to you
with our heart and soul.


■Opening Hours: 8:30 to 18:00
■Closed on Thursday (Subject to change due to special events)
2-minute walk from Toshogu Station on JR Senzan Line

4-7-26 Miyamachi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-0004